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Caleb Ross

Huffy Green Machine 20-inch Drift Trike for Kids, Green and Black

Huffy Green Machine 20-inch Drift Trike for Kids, Green and Black

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Calling all thrill seekers! Huffy has reimagined the classic 20-inch Green Machine for kids. The new Green Machine was designed to bring you a more thrilling ride whenever you get in the cockpit. The sleek green steel frame comes in features LED lights beneath the seat and in the rear wheels. Prepare to feel the thrills of 180-degree drifts, spins, and slides as you ride, engaging the dual steering levers and coaster brake for maximum fun. The redesigned saddle allows you to lean into the drifts as you steer but fear not you dont have to sacrifice comfort for thrill! From the hand grips to the seat, this Green Machine was designed with ergonomics in mind. The injection-molded rear wheels have longer life, better stability, and of course, better sliding power! The new 20-inch Huffy Green Machine is the classic 3-wheeler that parents know and love, reinvigorated and ready to give to the ones they love. To see other Huffy products for kids in action, visit our YouTube channel! For more Huffy Content, visit our Instagram Page!

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