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Caleb Ross

Groovy Wubble Bubble Ball, Size: 24-30 After Inflation

Groovy Wubble Bubble Ball, Size: 24-30 After Inflation

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It looks like a bubble and plays like a ball. And now it comes in a funkadelic tie-dye design! Kids will laugh themselves silly with this amazing ball that wobbles, morphs, and floats through the air like a bubble! Kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it even sit on it! Fun for the whole family, the Groovy Wubble Bubble Ball is made from squishy, squashy, lightweight Xpandium. Engineered to be super-soft, it molds around whatever it hits foot or face then bounces away, leaving laughter in its wake. Now with a new valve for easier inflation, the Groovy Wubble Ball can be inflated by blowing into the patented, self-sealing valve with your mouth, using the included nozzle or you can use almost any pump you have. Inflate it 24-30 inches for maximum strength and durability. Enjoy lots of bouncy fun with your Groovy Wubble tie-dye ball indoors or out, all year round. Ages 6+.

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