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Caleb Ross

Global Industrial Gray Outdoor Ashtray - 1-1/2 Gallon

Global Industrial Gray Outdoor Ashtray - 1-1/2 Gallon

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Gray 1.5-Gallon Outdoor Ashtray This low-maintenance outdoor ashtray with plenty of convenience and safety features can help you lower the risk of a fire and maintain a clean environment. To fight odor and put out butts, the interlocking flame-retardant polyethylene casing blocks out wind and rain. A broader neck design increases total strength. A unique ash plate made of stainless steel keeps the urn appearing tidy and new. Non-cigarette waste is kept out by a restricted aperture. If more weight is required, sand or gravel can be purchased separately. has tie-down eyes to keep the container safe from wind and theft. The dimensions of the outdoor ashtray are 30"H x 11".

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