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Caleb Ross

Electric Gua Sha Stone Massager Hot Stone Massager Therapy

Electric Gua Sha Stone Massager Hot Stone Massager Therapy

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Gua Sha Stones 鈥?Electric Gua Sha Stone 鈥?Gua Sha Facial Massage


Gua sha stones are a wonderful way to relax your body, mind, and spirit. the best Gua sha stones offer a variety of benefits that can help you improve your overall health.The鑱絞ua sha massage tools are those that are made from natural materials such as jade and agate. These stones are made from stone that has been cut and polished to fit perfectly into a specific shape. They can be used for both massage and facial treatments.

The type of gua sha stone you choose will depend on what kind of treatment you want to perform on yourself or another person.鑱紾ua sha is one of those ancient Chinese healing methods that has been around for centuries. It involves using a series of stones, called gua sha stones, to apply pressure to different areas of the body in order to stimulate blood circulation and dislodge blockages in the body鈥檚 energy pathways.Thegua sha facial massage鑱絪tones are used on both sides of the face, as well as on other parts of the body such as arms, legs and back. The massage can be performed by a professional or by self-massage.Gua sha is not only effective but also safe閳ユ攰t has been proven to be very effective at relieving pain and improving circulation.


  • Gua sha stone contains more than 40 kinds of trace elements a minerals needed by human body, including more than 20 kinds of anti-aging elements such as calcium magnesium鑱絲inc and selenium,and can emit many far infrared rays and ultrasonic pulses beneficial to human body.
  • Its efficacy is equivalent to the dual functions of far infrared therapeutic instrument and ultrasonic therapeutic instrument,which can promote blood microcirculation and regulate metabolism, dredging meridians,adjusting qi and blood,improving sub-health,beautifying and keeping in good health.
  • Excellent craftsmanship:
  • Made of high-quality Bian stone meticulously polished, thick and full, smooth and round, moderately soft and hard, and comfortable to hold.
  • Adjustable temperature:
  • Five gears to adjust the temperature, color temperature control: red 100 degrees, green 80 degrees, blue 60 degrees, white 40 degrees, yellow 20 degrees.


  • Material: Bian stone
  • Color: Red rose wood
  • Size: 15.5*8CM diameter
  • Weight: 0.543KG
  • Packing size: 9.3*9.3*16CM/11*7.2*5 CM (adapter)
  • Input voltage: 100V-245V
  • Output voltage: 12V


  • 1 x Bianstone Warming Moxibustion Instrument
  • 1 x EU/US Power Adapter
  • 1 x鑱?Storage Bag
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