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Caleb Ross

Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post with Ball Scratcher Posts for Cats Kitten Climbing Tree Cat Toy

Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post with Ball Scratcher Posts for Cats Kitten Climbing Tree Cat Toy

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Protect your home and provide your cat with hours of entertainment when you order the Cactus Cat Tree from Saint N Mike!

Cats scratch furniture to mark territory or as a threatening signal to other cats. And because cats鈥?claws need regular sharpening, they will often turn to anything they can find. It鈥檚 instinctual behavior, but scratching can cause significant damage to furniture, drapes, carpeting, and other areas of your home!

Introducing the Saint N Mike Cactus Cat Tree, a great way to protect your home without declawing your cat or installing cat scratch guards throughout your home.


鑱?/p> Looking for a fun and unique way to protect your furniture and keep your cat entertained? Look no further than the Cute Cactus Cat Tree from Saint N Mike! This cat tree is designed to look like a cactus but is made from durable, strong materials. The non-toxic sisal scent will keep your cat engaged and entertained for hours on end, and the ergonomically designed cat tree is also sturdy and durable, with a large base that prevents it from tipping over. It鈥檚 also convenient to break down, move, and store. Order your Cute Cactus Cat Tree from our online pet shop today!鑱? Features:

  • Safe and non-toxic scent to hold your cat閳ユ獨 attention
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Designed to keep your cat stimulated for multiple hours
  • Sturdy and convenient to move

We love our furry friends, but it can be extremely frustrating when they destroy our furniture and carpet with their claws. That鈥檚 why Saint N Mike has created the perfect solution! Now, you don鈥檛 have to declaw your pet, but you can still keep your home protected with the Cute Cactus Cat Tree. Now, you can keep this cute, stylish cat toy in your home without worry! Find fun toys for cats at Saint N Mike today.


  • Material: Sisal
  • Size: Large鑱?Designs
  • Height: 56 cm鑱?/li>
  • Includes: One Cut Cactus Cat Tree
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