Vitaflor Royal Jelly Intellect 10 ml 20 Vials

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Ideal for study times

Royal Jelly is a natural product produced by worker bees for the nutrition of the queen bee. This solution contains active ingredients that help concentration and memorization necessary during times of study. The case contains 20 vials of 10ml.

Properties and benefits

  • Contains 500 mg of Royal Jelly with 2% HDA and 1% Proline in dry extract
  • Helps brain function and intellectual activity due to its content in Vitamin B5
  • It is an excellent nerve tonic thanks to the Cola nut
  • Contains magnesium that accelerates muscle recovery and phosphorus for energy metabolism
  • Develops the nervous system and regulates mood due to its composition with Vitamin B1, Niacin and Vitamin B6
  • With passion fruit flavor

How to use

It should be shaken before taking it. May contain sediment, but they do not affect the product. Take 1 ampoule a day on an empty stomach, diluted in water, milk or fruit juice. The daily dose should not be exceeded.

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