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Classic disinfection

Oraldine Antiseptic Rinse is an effective daily mouthwash for maintaining proper oral hygiene. One of its main functions is the elimination of bacterial plaque that accumulates in teeth and gums, providing the necessary protection to prevent the appearance of diseases related to the development of dental plaque.

Especially recommended for:

  • Plaque removal and prevention.
  • Coadjuvant in the treatment of gingivitis.
  • Adjuvant in the treatment of periodontitis.
  • Halitosis.

Thanks to its formula with hexetidine, Oraldine mouthwash has an antiseptic and antifungal action that facilitates the removal of plaque while preventing the appearance of mouth ulcers.

Mode of Use:

Rinse for 30 seconds 1 or 2 times a day. Do not dilute in water.

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