Ns DigestConfort Gases 60 Tablets

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Reduces gas and improves digestion


  • Easy to take due to its double option: tablet or infusion.


60 tablets. Anise flavor. Formulated with essential oils, the most effective active ingredients in digestive problems, which provide a double action: antiflatulent and antispasmodic.


Ns Digestcomfort Gases tablets contain per dose (2 tablets):

  • Caraway dry extract (3% essential oil): 100 mg
  • Green anise essential oil: 5 mg
  • Fennel essential oil: 5mg
  • Coriander essential oil: 5 mg.

Formulated without

    • Lactose
    • Gluten
    • added sugars
    • milk proteins
    • egg protein
    • Derivatives of nuts
    • Saccharose

How to use

Take 2 tablets. Its use is recommended after meals, up to 6 tablets a day.


From 12 years.

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