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What is a lendrera?

A nit comb is a comb specially designed to remove nits (lice eggs) and dead lice from hair. It is an essential tool in the lice treatment and prevention process.

The lice is characterized by having very fine and narrow teeth, which allows it to catch nits and lice, dragging them from the hair. Its design and spacing between the teeth are designed to be effective in detecting and eliminating these parasites.

The use of a squeegee after applying a treatment (such as Goibi anti-lice lotion) helps ensure that no live lice or nits remain in the hair, reducing the chance of re-infestation. It is important to use the comb with care and patience, combing the hair strand by strand, and regularly cleaning any lice or nits trapped in it.

Benefits of the Goibi premium metal scavenger

The Goibi premium metal scavenger is more effective than other scavengers on the market. Thanks to its effectiveness, it allows you to eliminate lice from the hair more precisely and quickly.

  • You'll enjoy exclusive double micro-grooved tines that have greater pulling power.
  • The tips are rounded, which ensures that they do not damage your hair.
  • These tines are close together and made of stainless steel, making them durable and effective in their task.

How to use the Goibi premium nit comb

  • First, you should moisten and detangle your hair with your regular comb. If you have curly or very tangled hair, using conditioner can make this easier.
  • Then, separate your hair and comb with the brush, strand by strand. Start as close to the hair root as possible.
  • After using the comb, be sure to clean it properly by soaking it in Goibi Anti-Lice Eliminating Lotion for 10-15 minutes, or in boiling water, but no more than 7 minutes.


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