Fluimucil Forte 600 mg 20 Effervescent Tablets

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Fluimucil Forte 600 what is it for

Fluimucil Forte 600 mg is used to eliminate excess mucus and phlegm in colds and flu in adults.

When to take Fluimucil Forte

If you are experiencing a flu or cold process and have excess phlegm and mucus that make it difficult for you to breathe properly (nasal congestion), Fluimucil Forte helps you reduce this excess by thinning the mucus and promoting expectoration.

How to take Fluimucil 600

Fluimucil 600 is taken orally. Add the effervescent tablet to a glass of water and once the effervescence is over, drink it.

How many days to take Fluimucil Forte

Fluimucil Forte can be taken for 5 days in a row. After this time, if the symptoms persist or even worsen, we recommend you see your doctor.

Fluimucil Forte price

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This medicine is indicated to facilitate the elimination of excess mucus and phlegm, in colds and flu, for adults. 1 take a day. Orally. 20 effervescent tablets.


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