Fluimucil syrup 40 mg/ml Oral Solution 200 ml

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Fluimucil syrup what is it for

FLUIMUCIL syrup 40mg/ml It is a drug from the family of mucolytics which is indicated to help eliminate excess mucus and phlegm in colds and flu in adults.

When to take Fluimucil syrup

We recommend taking Fluimucil syrup when you have excess mucus caused by a cold or flu process. This over-the-counter medication helps thin mucus without increasing its volume, as well as promoting expectoration.

In this case the dosage is 15 ml syrup once a day.

How many days to take Fluimucil 40 mg syrup

The maximum recommended period is 5 consecutive days. If the symptoms persist or worsen, we recommend that you see your doctor for a new evaluation.

fluimucil syrup price

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