FarmaFeet Heel Blisters Dressings 5 Units

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Stays in place for days


  • It provides the ideal conditions to quickly heal blisters and immediately relieve pain.
  • Protects the ampoule from scratches, dirt and germs
  • Thanks to hydrocolloid technology, the dressing absorbs the fluid that exudes from the blister and regulates the degree of humidity, creating the ideal conditions for rapid healing.
  • It remains attached for the time necessary for the blister to heal, which varies from person to person.


  • Designed for the heel.
  • Discreet and resistant to rubbing.
  • Practical and comfortable case to take anywhere.
  • Contains 10 units.

How to use

  • Before using, clean and dry the area well.
  • Remove the white paper without touching the adhesive; Grab by the arrow zone.
  • Apply to the blister and press avoiding wrinkles
  • Remove the transparent film in the direction of the arrows and make sure that the edges of the dressing stick well.
  • Waterproof
  • Remove the dressing only in case of excessive pain or irritation.
  • Do not cut or reuse the dressing, as it would lose its properties.


100% hydrocolloid

Formulated without

  • Latex
  • Silicone


  • For people with blisters on their feet.
  • Consult a doctor if excessive pain or irritation persists after the use of the dressing


  • For external use.
  • Not recommended for people with infected wounds or allergies to any of the materials that make it up.

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