Farmalastic Velcro Lumbar Belt

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Girdle for lumbar pain and postoperative and postpartum support.


  • Indicated to offer abdominal compression for the protection of the abdominal wall in small and medium hernias.
  • Recovery of abdominal tone in people after small and medium surgical interventions at the abdominal level or in postpartum processes, favoring tissue containment.

How to use

Daytime use, during activity.


  • Open the velcro and place the girdle.
  • Close the velcro depending on the abdominal compression we want to achieve.
*Excessive compression can cause intolerance, so we advise adjusting the compression to a firm but comfortable level.



  • Helps relieve mild to moderate back pain


  • Mild Abdominal Compression: Mild compression level that provides just enough pressure to help you get back in shape, allowing you to move normally.
  • High breathability: Multiband monofilament fabric that, thanks to its construction, provides high breathability that allows the skin to breathe, avoiding moisture from sweat. Does not provide heat.
  • High adaptability: Adjustable closure system that allows gradual abdominal compression. Fine and discreet. Flexible rods that prevent the garment from rolling up. Soft front for cushioning of the abdominal area.


  • Cotton: 49%
  • Nylon: 32%
  • Polyester: 11%
  • Elastane: 8%

Formulated without

  • Latex
  • Silicone




  • Periodically wash by hand with lukewarm water, at a maximum of 30ºC and neutral soap.
  • Do not use bleach. If it is not well rinsed and drained, detergent residues can irritate the skin and deteriorate the product.
  • Absorb excess moisture with a dry towel and allow to dry at room temperature.
  • Do not hang or iron and do not expose to direct heat sources such as stoves, heaters, radiators or direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not dry clean or tumble dry.
  • The continued use of creams together with this garment decreases its useful life.


  • Do not use in case of open wounds.
  • Do not use in case of allergy to any of the materials that compose it.

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