Bruxi Stop Lingual Spray 20 ml 95 doses

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unique combination of active ingredients.

IncludesREGENOSS® melatonin, passion flower edulis, hawthorn and B vitamins, have been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms associated with bruxism.

Thesublingual administration of BRUXISTOP® allows arapid absorption of active ingredients,which means faster and longer lasting relief for bruxism sufferers.

Themelatonin has proven to beeffective in promoting sleep and reducing stress. Thepassionflower edulis and theHawthorn are known for theirrelaxing and calming properties,while thegroup B vitamins, including vitamin B5, B1, B6 and B12, are essential for theproper functioning of the nervous system and can contribute toprevention of fatigue and stress.

In addition to being effective, BRUXISTOP® iseasy to use and safe for most patients.

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