Bexident Gums Chlorhexidine Spray 40 ml

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Antiseptic spray for gums

This chlorhexidine spray is indicated for the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, and in maxillofacial surgeries.


  • Soothes and regenerates the gums while reducing their inflammation.
  • It has a powerful antiseptic action due to its high content of chlorhexidine.
  • Does not contain alcohol.

How to use:

Rotate and direct the adjustable cannula towards the application area.

Spray the spray on the affected area 3 times a day, after each meal. Do not rinse. Do not drink liquids or food for half an hour afterward.

Pharmacist recommendation:

After prolonged use and contact with certain drinks and foods such as red wine, coffee and also with tobacco, teeth and fillings may appear discolored.

Its use is contraindicated in patients who have shown a hypersensitivity reaction to chlorhexidine.


2% chlorhexidine, dexpanthenol, anti-inflammatory and healing allantoin, lutrol (anti-adhesive).



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