Almax Forte 1.5 g Sachets Oral Suspension

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Size: 24 Envelopes
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Relieves heartburn in a minute

Drug that has almagate as an active ingredient. It works by neutralizing excess stomach acid.


  • It makes the pain caused by the intake of copious meals disappear.
  • It acts quickly exerting its effect in just one minute.

How to use:

It is recommended to take one sachet up to three times a day thirty minutes after meals. You must press the envelope before opening it so that its content is mixed and you can take it directly or dissolve it in half a glass of water.

Pharmacist recommendation:

Indicated for adults and adolescents over 12 years old.

It is contraindicated if you are allergic to almagate, suffer from Alzheimer's disease, have liver or intestinal problems and fluid retention.

Do not take if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

Keep in a cool and dry environment, out of the reach and vision of children.


  • Almagate 1.5 g
  • Sorbitol 1.05g
  • Benzoic acid 0.0028mg


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