Thermoval Rapid Digital Thermometer

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Measure temperature faster

Digital thermometer very easy to use, with acoustic signal and memory that saves the last measurement. The case comes with a hard case for the thermometer.


  • The routes that can be used to measure body temperature are: oral, axillary and rectal
  • Measure temperature accurately and faster than Thermoval standard Digital thermometer. The waiting times depending on the area where the measurement is made are: rectal: 10-15 seconds, axillary: 10-40 seconds, oral: 10-30 seconds.
  • With acoustic signal that indicates when it can be used and when the measurement has finished
  • Large screen that favors the reading of numbers
  • When turned on, the screen reflects the last measurement
  • The tip of the thermometer is flexible, which avoids possible discomfort
  • Auto power off function

    How to use

    Turn on the thermometer, wait for it to emit the acoustic signal and place it in the armpit, mouth or rectum. Wait for the completion signal to be emitted.

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