Farmalastic Innova Pack Hot / Cold Mini

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Gel pack that provides cold and/or heat, relieving joint pain and discomfort.

How to use

  • cold:
  • Keep the bag in the freezer at least two hours before.
  • Apply the pack in its cover for periods not exceeding 20 minutes.

  • hot:
  • With microwave:
  • Heat the pack always extended.
  • In a pot microwave. normal (approx. 650W), enter 40 sec (the first few times it is recommended to try 20 sec.).
  • Remove the pack, “knead” the gel so that the heat is distributed and reintroduce it at intervals of 20 seconds. until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Watch the pack while it heats up: if it becomes deformed or increases in size, stop the microwave, open the door and wait a few minutes before touching the gel.

  • With hot water:
  • Boil water and remove from heat
  • Cover the pack with it for 5-10 min (longer if frozen).


  • 15x13cm. Ideal size for specific areas.
  • Reusable gel bag for cold and/or heat therapy.
  • Discreet textile cover.
  • One size.



  • For people who have sprains, contusions, sprains, swelling, ... it helps reduce inflammation.


  • For people with contractures, muscle pain, rheumatic processes... it helps to relax the area.


  • Do not use in case of allergy to any of the materials that make up the cover.


  • 100% Nylon 6 cover.
  • Pack: Water, Monopropylene Glycol USP, Cellulose, Colorant

Formulated without

    • Latex
    • Silicone

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