Enfamil Complete Premium 3 800g

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Enfamil Premium COMPLETE 3 - Children's milk formula for children from 1 to 3 years

  • Enfamil Premium COMPLETE 3 covers the nutritional needs of your child from 12 months as part of a diversified diet.
  • Enfamil Premium COMPLETE 3 contains 25 times more IRON than cow's milk; IRON promotes normal cognitive development and helps the immune system.
  • It also contains numerous minerals, such as CALCIUM for the development of bones and teeth; as well as ZINC which is essential for growth.
  • Enfamil Premium COMPLETE 3 is a growth milk formulated with all the required VITAMINS, such as 9 times more VITAMIN C than cow's milk to support a healthy immune system and VITAMIN D for bone growth and strengthening.
  • Contains ALA, an essential fatty acid that promotes growth development*.
  • Warning: the ideal food for infants is breast milk. In the event that this is not possible or insufficient, it is the pediatrician who can best advise on the type of infant milk to use. Do not change this milk without the recommendation of your pediatrician.

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